Saturday, May 30, 2015

Freedom Japanese Market Subscription Box Review

Freedom Japanese Market is a small business website which specializes in delivering Japanese snacks, cookies and some other foods, to your home with free shipping.
Today, we are going to review the monthly subcription box we got from them.
More on monthly subscription box can be read here.

Freedom Japanese Market Subscription Box

This is our first review for anything on this blog, but we are happy to review this box as we enjoyed everything that was in it.
What you get on the box are random snacks, as every month you get something different.
The one we got was the february box. We are sorry for reviewing it a little late, but here we go.
Below we will list what was in the box and our impression.

When you open the box there will be a greeting card from Freedom Japanese Market staff and origami of the month.

The letter will also have details of what is on the box with a brief explanation. Since the box we got was the one from february, our origami of the month was a heart for Valentine's Day.

Now, what was on the box. First take a look at the image below.

Freedom Japanese Market Subscription [inside the box]

1. PukuPuku Tai
This was very similar to wafer snacks we have in our parts, but this one was somewhat softer.
And yes, it was with chocholate. I would have loved them to be with bean paste as that would be more japanese, and that would have been the first time trying a fish with bean paste.
Anyway, it was still great as it was.

2. Umaibo
We got two flavors, pizza and onion salad. The one with onion was a little bit spicy, but not that much.
They were similar to other snack we have here, but the one with onion had a better flavour.

3. Hora Dekita DIY Candy
This candies were very special. Probably I never tried before something like this one.
It was apple flavor with sugar cream.

4. Kaki no Mi
These were really good. Somewhat similar to Tornado chips (popular chips in The Balkans), but much softer. That was because they were with rice probably.

5. Maze Maze Drink
This was something I have tried before, since you can find everywhere candies like this. The grape one was my favorite.
I though I was really eating grapes for a moment.

6. Pokemon Karipori
This came with two flavours. The green one was with melon, and the purple one was with grape. I loved both of them.
They reminded me of my childhood.

7. Kanpai Ramune
For this one I'm not quite sure if I ate them as should have. First I tried to eat this candies, well, as candies.
Then I tried to mix them with water in the little glass and I experienced something wonderful.

8. Karamucho
This potato chips were really good, but really spicy. Be sure to have a cup of water beside you if you don't want to choke. First you will say they don't burn that much, but after a couple of seconds you will feel the burn of chili peppers.

9. Rilakkuma Pretzels
I left this the last since I loved it the most. I never tried something like this before, and I really loved it.
These were pretzel sticks with honey flavour. After eating this, I most probably will buy a dozen next time.
And since Freedom Japanese Market offers free shipping, I have a chance to try them again.

As said before, Freedom Japanese Market offers other snacks other than the subscription box.
You can choose to buy something in the beginning, and if you are happy with it, subscribe to the monthly subcription box.
As for me, I hope they add some Kit Kat with different flavours (like green tea flavour for example).
Please let us know your opinion in the comments below or through our social media sites and share this article if you liked it.

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