Saturday, June 15, 2013

New Youtube Channel...

Hello everyone!
I was wondering for any idea how to share something cool and in an useful and easy way to be viewed by people, and I came up with the idea: "A new youtube channel!"
This channel will be only for uploading Anime Opening and Ending videos, and only for that!
Also, we plan to use this channel in serious way... Some of the videos contain copyright (or in other words, some of them are considered as copyright infringement! Since, all of them have copyrights...), and for that reason doesn't have audio, or they get blocked completely and so on...
For that, we sent a request to Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc. ,  to begin with! And in case of other infringements, we will send other requests to others! For the moment, it will be only a Youtube Channel, and later on, probably we'll have to create also a website, more organized, and with more stuff maybe...
For the moment, enjoy the watching the videos that will be uploaded almost daily at our channel!
Also, let's hope together, that we'll get a response, and maybe a confirmation for uploading the videos on our channel!
You can check out the channel if you click here.
And please subscribe! And also we are waiting for your comments on this!

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