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Top Sites Where to Learn Japanese

Top Sites Where to Learn Japanese


Everything About Japan Blog:

It may be not so modest, but our page has a lot of chosen staff to learn japanese!

All About Nippon Channel:

click on the image to watch the channel

Let's Learn Japanese - Basic I

Let's Learn Japanese - Basic II

I think Let's Learn Japanese episodes are the best to learn japanese!
This are really recommended! You can find the workbooks too, if you click here.
Also, if you want to download the episodes, just explore our blog!
There is a message at the right pannel: "Where to download our releases?"

Everything About Japan Facebook Page:

Learning Hiragana Album

Sometimes we post on our facebook page different tips to learn japanese...

Traditional Japanese Children's Stories

This site is very recommended if you want to practice reading japanese faster & better...
And why not, learning about some traditional japanese children's stories!
Also, you will see, that you will learn some new kanji in the way!

Online & Home Studying


If you want to learn online, this is the best site I recommend you!
You can learn, review, write & speak the language!
Also, if you make friends they will review your submission, both writing & speaking!
Just create a profile, and enjoy learning japanese! (^-^)

On this page you will find the most common words used in japanese, with sentence examples too!
But as you will see, the structure of the sentence is very understandable!

NHK World provides many japanese lessons, also different shows, which we will upload on our channel too!

I would say genki site, and the two books Genki I & Genki II, are the best, if you want to learn japanese and perfect grammar too! It's the best way, if you wanna study really hard!
We have uploaded Genki I at the moment + the audio CDs, but I encourage you to buy this books, since you will really need them, and you will really like to have them in the original format.
Anyway, you can find them here for download!
To buy them, go to the Genki site!

Although Culture Japan is a site to spread Japanese culture, you can also find really cool japanese tips & lessons! Just check the "i'm lost" section of the page, or search on their search engine... (for example: "Japanese Lessons")

Japanese Pod 101 is also a good site! They also provide a Youtube Channel with their video uploaded, that will help you learn japanese!

Learn & Practice Kanji

The best way to practice kanji online.. It's full of examples and details for each kanji, also with download options!

Also on our blog:

This is the "Kanji 555" html "software" that I find it really cool!
I recommend it to you! :)

Online & Offline Dictionaries

Offline @ our blog:

Other Sites

This sites are other sites that you may find cool, and maybe the best for your journey in learning japanese! But, I suggest you to leave them, like the last option! But also, I suggest explore them, since there might be one or two cool stuff that really might help...

Other alternative [Extra] 

This sites are for those who really are into japanese!
You want to hear more japanese, practice while listening to music, reading lyrics, watching anime, drama, or maybe later reading raw manga! This sites are for you then!!  (^-^)

I hope you enjoyed reading this long post, as much as I enjoyed writing it!
it's been a long time since I got the idea for this article, but I needed around two months to get the best of it! Please share & comment! Also, follow us on our other pages!
Happy learning Japanese! (^-^) (~_^)

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  1. Thank you for this elaborate post! You did lots of work really. So much info - I was going thru all these links for about two hours. Oh so great!
    Thank you once again!

    1. It's a pleasure! It really felt good when I saw the post done!
      Hope you enjoy our other posts too! Stay tuned! And thank you, too! ^^

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