Tuesday, December 6, 2011



So... here we go.
I was thinking of creating a fansub group. Like all the fansubs out there, but this  one will be for translating japanese PVs (music videos)...

Member needed:

1. RAW provider
2. Translator  
     This one is supposed to have a fluent Japanese speaking
3. Translator Check 
      The one that checks that everything has translated properly
4. Timer + karaoke timer
      Someone to time the translated lyrics
5. Editor
      This one must be a grammar freak
6. Karaoke AFX
     Someone able to program different karaoke effects with aegisub
7. Encoder + Distro <-- I'll do this myself

For those who are interested sent us an e-mail at: everything-about-japan@hotmail.com with a link to your previous work and so I can decide if you are accepted! ^^

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