Sunday, September 9, 2012

Top Japanese Sites

In japan too, Google is one of the most popular pages... 

Yahoo! goes in second place...

Ameba Pico / Pigg is a Facebook and a Japanese blog virtual community in which users can customize their avatar, socialize with people around the world using virtual places included in the game like Shibuya 106 and the Statue of Liberty.

Rakuten  is a Japanese electronic commerce and Internet company based in Tokyo, Japan.
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livedoor is an Internet service provider that runs a web portal and numerous other businesses.

goo  is an internet search engine and web portal based in Japan, which crawls and indexes primarily Japanese language websites.


BIGLOBE (ビッグローブ) (combination of the words "big" and "globe") is one of the leading internet service providers in Japan, operated by NEC BIGLOBE, Ltd.

SAKURA Internet is a japanese hosting website, and other internet services...

DMM Corporation (株式会社デジタルメディアマート or "Digital Media Mart"), incorporated November 1999, which is a major distributor of videos in Japan for both sales and rental and also provides pay-per-view and downloadable digital adult content via its website

Excite (stylized as excite) is a collection of web sites and services, launched in December 1995. Excite is an online service offering a variety of content, including an Internet portal showing news and weather etc.

Hatena Co., Ltd. (株式会社はてな Kabushiki-gaisha hatena) is an internet services company in Japan. It operates various services including the most popular social bookmarking service in Japan, Hatena Bookmark.

mixi, Inc. (ミクシィ mikushī) is one of several social networking websites in Japan and was started in 2004.
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Nico Nico Douga (ニコニコ動画 Niko Niko Dōga, lit. "Smile Videos") is a popular video sharing website in Japan managed by Niwango, a subsidiary of Dwango.


Okay, this was the list of most popular websites in japan! There are a lot more popular websites in Japan! But, this are the most popular! Hope you enjoy reading this post, and hope you visit this sites, so maybe you can find something interesting and new...

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