Friday, August 31, 2012

Maybe you should change your browser??!!

Browser usage by our viewers in the last 2 months...
 I did some researches about the viewing of our page! It's a little boring sometimes, but take a look at the results!

In the following results, you might skip all the other browsers view, but please, check your browser view!! To view the image in full view, click on the image! Also, please, complete the survey on the bottom of this post! It's very important! Thank you!

Mozilla Firefox Page View
 The ultimate browser ever!! It gets the best view of our page! But not only ours, of all the pages!

Internet Explorer Page View
 Internet explorer has the worse view ever.. Why there are still so much people using it?!! O.o

Google Chrome Page View
 In Chrome, I got only one bug, the search button! If you see the search loop, here it's in a new line!

Safari Page View
 Here in safari is pretty much the same as chrome, only the search button is with a little change!

Opera Page View
 If you take a look at the screenshot, you will see only some changes in tabs coloring! 

Now please, complete this survey: 

This survey will take only 2 minutes of your life, and maybe you will have a better browsing experience in our page, after telling us some details...

Thanks in advance!

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