Sunday, July 22, 2012

EAJ Web Page Plan Launched!!!

Hello everyone! I've thought about this a lot of times, and now decided!
After taking a look at my blog, it might look good, but still a web page is more organized and more cool.
So, I decided to create a web page! But to create a web page, money is needed. Money to create the page, money for hosting and for the domain. For creating the site, there is no needed money, since I will create the page by myself... Or in other words everything will be created by me. So it will be needed money for hosting and domain, which might cost around $70-$80/year at minimum... So, soon I will add a donation button. If there is anyone who can spare, at least one buck, then please do so.

To finish this, I want some suggestion:

1. Site domain and name (is it good like: or maybe it will be better something else)
2. Navigation bar buttons (the buttons like Home, About Us,... etc)
3. Other

The site I'm talking may need about three months to finish, so be patient...
To suggest please sent an e-mail @ or comment at the chat box in this blog, or you can message via Facebook or Twitter

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